by Rain Delay

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"Selenophilia" is Rain Delay's 5th studio album. It was recorded in the summer of 2016, by Igor Jimmi Stanić in Graveyard Neighbour studio, in Inđija, Serbia. Mixing was done by Boris Šurlan in Midnight Studio in Lazarevac. Boris also recorded the drums in Studio Hertz in Novi Sad.


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Rain Delay Belgrade, Serbia

- Formed in Belgrade, Serbia (2003).
- Debut album As I Bequeath My Yesterday (2005).
- Sophomore album We Forget (2008).
- Numerous concerts and festivals, such as the famous EXIT festival (2006 & 2009).
- Wrote the music for a cult Serbian movie “Who the fuck is Miloš Branković?”, FEST (2008).
- Released the album Slumber Recon (2011).
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Track Name: Retention City
Retention City

It all happened on the day
when the wall of silence
surrounded the soul of violence.
Pest-ridden pastel blocks,
we came in silence the two of us
to rid you all from your shame.
There is no redemption
without retention.
There was this need to redeem
for the recent tragedy.
Her life was worth more
than the two of you worth.
And then, I saw them.
The crook and the hooligan.
So, we approached them
with a simple question,
but the hooligan was being rude.
Wrong move!
Crook tried to run away,
I grabbed his neck
and execute a brutal sweep.
There was no balance.
There was no equinox.
I was broken by that thought.
There comes the time,
to withstand the grief in your life,
to leave a tragedy behind,
and live.
Track Name: Burano

Fall of night.
Have you ever wondered what joys our lives may bring?
Seek a sight, a wondrous sight,
where all the vivid colors highlight you,
prettier than all the lace of this place.
Fall of night.
Have you ever wondered why I brought you here?
Think of the choices we make,
and all the chances we take.
And we should follow our hearts,
go for the Moon and stars,
and Halo.
I see your Halo…
Fall of night.
Have you truly wondered why I brought you here?
Track Name: No Moon to Take Me Home
No Moon to Take Me Home

And I’m getting stronger now.
hip throws / chokeholds / jointlocks
The prospects are vast.
The stars, the enlightment, and double the excitement, tsunami begins.
My nyctophile friend offered a hand and all the arms we need.
Triple the excitement, tsunami begins, and I am invited
to get a chance for the wildest dance and go for the bliss.
Now it’s a choice to discover the loneliness
and be too proud to show the wounds,
or leave forever and throw away all those years,
that made me what I am today.
What lies in front of me is another year of hardening,
another year of wondering through the hallways of judiciary.
To reignite the passion and be too cautious to surrender.
Another late night call, another fall…
Say it out loud!
I want to see you at least once before it all begins.
Take me there, stars are bright, no Moon to take me home.
The stars, the enlightment, and double the frightment, tsunami is over.
My nyctophile friend still offers a hand,
but it’s hard to see from here.
Triple the frightment, tsunami is over, and I’m halfway through,
in the midst of the mist on an October night,
still chasing the Dream.
The one that’s already gone.
And I’m getting slower now.
You try to run in your sleep.
The prospects are in mist.
I went way in too deep.
Can’t neighter choke the feelings,
nor continue to roam.
No Moon to take me home.
Track Name: Dorćol Late Recon
Dorćol Late Recon

Make this November last forever.
Wellness lifestyle, late night,
and Dorćol delight.
And suddenly, the Autumn/Winter is here.
The smell of quinces,
life subtle like latte.
My sister wisely wrote,
both seasons came on the same day.
I use to sleep more
when I worked as an enforcer,
in the world of whores,
and their malevolent assistants.
There are some ground techniques
I haven’t done in a while.
So, you thought it was over,
but it has just begun.
And now I follow thee.
And now I know where you live.
And all those CCTVs
are a weak security.
Track Name: Selenophilia

A cold December night,
a starless sky,
and instead of a sigh,
my scornful cry.
I have only eyes for you.
Now, tell me all your fears.
And I will change the course of nature.
The nature of myself.
Winter madness!
In prudent times, your writhe
has awakened my soul.
I have only eyes for you.
And every day is a bliss.
Track Name: Né Dal Mondo
Né Dal Mondo

Here, where I stay,
on this ground that I lay on,
wake of all times agony
might never lead me home again.
From the mountains high,
through the streams of vivid light,
here I go again,
it’s morning again.
Deliver me from subterranean,
and carry me to the sea.
Mediterranean, morning Moons,
and evening Suns,
all the heralds of our love.
Will we ever be one again,
or this tragedy has reached its end?
Skies are heavy, it’s getting dark.
From the mountains high,
through the streams of vivid light,
here I go again,
it’s morning again.
Not of this Earth, nor the skies.
Né dal mondo, ne dal ciel.