Of Blood​-​Red and Gold

by Rain Delay

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„Of Blood-Red and Gold“ is Rain Delay's fourth album, the conceptual successor to the band's previous endeavour „Slumber Recon“. Written in English, with the occasional Venetian, Serbian and even Japanese lyrics, the songs themselves are autobiographical and introspective, depicting various chronologically alligned events from the author's life on the topics of strength and youth, nostalgia and fears, courage and hope, and in the end- salvation. This album transfers a vital character from its predecessor- Selena Shiseido, Japanese/French secret agent, and the author’s beloved.

The author Dušan Pešić grew artistically in every way, developing even further his signature fusion composing style, with a completely new line-up: guitarist Nenad Mandić, bassist Danko Radulović, and drummer Antonio Maletin, all significantly contributing to the whole journey. A brilliant rhythm section, by all means classy acoustic and electric guitar work, and above all an astonishing vocal performances by both the author and numerous guests are all trademarks of this album.

Label: WebMETROPOLIS Records
Recorded in Pančevo, in 3x2 studio, by sound engineer Stefan Gaćeša, produced by Dušan Filimonović.


released February 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Rain Delay Belgrade, Serbia

- Formed in Belgrade, Serbia (2003).
- Debut album As I Bequeath My Yesterday (2005).
- Sophomore album We Forget (2008).
- Numerous concerts and festivals, such as the famous EXIT festival (2006 & 2009).
- Wrote the music for a cult Serbian movie “Who the fuck is Miloš Branković?”, FEST (2008).
- Released the album Slumber Recon (2011).
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Track Name: Winged Lion
Winged Lion

I always thought you knew all the answers,
so answer me this...
Do you know just how much it saddens me
to see your city drown so helplessly?
More than you know.
How to take a sword without leaving a book?
I saw you do that once.
You went to war without dropping school.
You know all the answers.
Give me the will to fight,
and paint my path with blood-red and gold.
I believe in you.
More than you know.
Ti co nu. Nu co ti.
Track Name: Providence

I went to work.
There is some comfort food left on the stove.
Consider canceling Providence,
bearing in mind my doubt in your promises.
At this point,
I honestly don’t know whether
to leave you or to forgive you.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Yes, you went to work,
and there’s nothing that I can do.
Nevertheless, I’m already on my way to you.
I’m not that guy.
Maybe I am a lot of things,
maybe I am an underachiever,
who is four years behind
but, I would never leave you nor deceive you.
‘Cause I am yours and you are mine.
And I’m going to prove it to you
every single night.
Track Name: Samarcołin

Cuésta sera a sitadeła xe magica.
El vento, caldo e bon, caressa el Adria.
Perasto, Cattaro, Castelnòvo, Istria, Dalmaçia...
Tuti i leoni xe ancora eà.
Cuésta sera me ricordo
de chei nostri momenti de serenità
e me fa ancora tanto mal.
Track Name: Kyoto Daylight Recon
Kyoto Daylight Recon

And yes, I know it’s daylight although I am not awake.
And yes, I fear of the amount of body shots I’m willing to take.
And now I know that Winged Lion in me is bleeding.
And yes, I know it’s winter although it is globally changed.
And yes, I fear that we might never ever visit Japan.
And now I know that Winged Lion in me is sleeping.
And now I know that Winged Lion in me is dreaming.


How could it be? You shouldn’t be here before 2023.
You even sound like her. Yet, we are still not ready for thee.
How could it be, musume? How could it be?
And yes, I know it’s winter although it is globally same.
And yes, I hope one day we just might visit Japan.
And now I know that Winged Lion in me is breathing.
Without you so self assured I’m no more.
I hoped that we’ll both be in the game.
May we never change.
This season brought us gold,
and that gold will be the foundation of our home,
built by our blood and our blood alone.
And then I realized we are four years behind
and it won’t be over anytime soon.
Track Name: In Pursuit Of Wonders
In Pursuit of Wonders

He who wonders does not wander.
Yet, in pursuit of wonders
one must wander a mile or two.
It began nearly ten years ago.
Embrace the mere prospect
of undisputed happiness.
The end is near.
For this final push,
for this last endeavour,
my will is not enough.
I need a wonder.
Track Name: Aperol In March
Aperol in March

U martu, kada me laguna vetrom po imenu pozove
na to mesto gde gondole više snom nego samom vodom plove,
znaću da je vreme da se zauvek ode
tek kada uz svaki Aperol sa Prosekom poželim i
čašu visoke vode.
I’ve acquired a taste for sweetness.
It came along with success, following the years of distress.
If we ever get a chance to see the night
that falls over our city bounds,
then we should see it from inside.
A Bellini for my sister, a Select for my brother,
an Aperol for me, that’s the only way it should be.
I’ve acquired a taste for bitterness.
It came along with success, after all these years of sadness.
En marso, co el vento deła laguna me ciama par nome,
só chel posto ndove chełe gondołełe navega
pì en sogno che só l'acqua,
savarò che xe ora de ndar par senpre,
ma dopo de ogni Aperol con Prosecco,
vorìa anca un goto de acqua alta.
There is something in the water
that saved us from the plague, from ourselves.
Track Name: Septinsular

Septinsular vacation,
notwithstanding the ghosts,
might be our finest revelation.
Could this somewhat bleak destination
be the path to our salvation
from your due diligence
that lead us to negligence?
By cutting through
complexity the way you do
you are cutting us both.
Bewilderment and weariness...
Pre-season brought me bronze,
but it didn’t bring us happiness.
Yet, season came
and daylight flame
revealed the town,
and soon we have drowned
all our sorrows
in the shallow waters
of Dassia.
There will be no more negligence.
No more cutting through complexity
that has been
cutting us both.
You are mine.